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Experience the joy of reliving the best day of your life,
over & over again!
We capture the stories told by those most dear to you on your special day!

What We Do

At VideoGuestbook, we enable your guests to express their heartfelt messages directly to you on camera.

From weddings and birthdays to anniversaries, through the art of filmmaking we capture your guests' lively, sentimental, and heartfelt memories. Our skillful team captures every aspect - from their delightful stories and well-wishes to their humorous toasts & roasts, and their genuine expressions of love.

Following the event, we crafts these moments into a stunning Narrative Mini-Film, spotlighting each of your treasured guests. 

And here's the icing on the cake - you retain complete control over the final product to handpick the segments to feature in your final film.

The following is a condensed-down version of a Narrative Mini-Film we made for a special birthday celebration.

Our Video Guestbook is a wonderful keepsake that preserves the love and energy of your friendships for years to come.

"This video is so amazing and heartfelt. I’m so over the moon with all the love from my tribe. Having overwhelmed emotional and happy tears"

May Woo

What they're Saying! 


Is a celebration of you & the people you love.

What We Do

How This Works

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Let's Talk - Book a Free Consultation Today

Start by contacting us at 415-225-1470 or We'll discuss your event details, our 2 packages, and answer all your questions.


You can also fill out our easy contact form below. 

Step 2

Your Big Day is Here! - Now it's time for the Fun Stuff!

On your special day, we set up a portable studio, equipped with professional lighting, cameras, and sound. Ready to record your guests' messages and wishes, each filming session lasts between 1-5 minutes.


Within 7 to 10 days post-event, you'll receive a private video link to review and select your favorite segments for your final VideoGuestbook. Once we receive your feedback, we begin the final edit.


If you selected our Narrative Mini-Film package, we craft a captivating narrative from your chosen clips. This magical process may take up to 4-6 weeks, depending on the number of guests filmed during our 4-hour session.

Step 3

Get Excited! - Receive your Video Guestbook

We deliver your VideoGuestbook film digitally for easy access and seamless sharing, promising joyous memories for you and your guests to relive together.

Let us create a VideoGuestbook
for your special event!

How This Woks


Skip the confusion of numerous service tiers. We've streamlined our offerings into two exceptional, time-saving packages designed for your unique event needs.


Montage Video Package:

We transform your favorite video segments into a vibrant Montage Video, set to music and enhanced with your selected photos. To achieve a polished finish, we incorporate titling, motion graphics, and color grading.

Narrative Mini-Film Package:

Taking it a step further, this package refines your story with a sophisticated narrative and storyboard. We emphasize poignant sound-bites, emotions, sentiments, and themes from your guests, creating a compelling story flow and pacing. A carefully composed musical score drives your VideoGuestbook narrative, encapsulating the richness and dynamics of your cherished friendships.

You can view here a condensed-down sample of our Narrative Mini-Film we produced for a special birthday celebration.

Below is a breakdown of our two exceptional packages and add-ons. 

Starting at $2800


  • 2-3 minute 4K Montage Video of your favorite video messages with studio-quality audio recordings.

  • One curated track matched with the overarching sentiment expressed in the Montage.

  • Up to 20 photos you can submit to be included in your Montage Video

  • The full video recording session with your guests is uploaded to your own private link in Standard Definition. 

  • Director/Cinematographer

  • Post-production color grading

  • Titling and motion graphics for your video 

  • Digital Delivery

Filming session is up to 4hrs 


Starting at $5000


  • 4-5 minute 4K Narrative Mini-Film with studio-quality audio recordings.

  • Up to four curated music tracks matched with the varied sentiments expressed throughout your story narrative.

  • Up to 50 photos you can submit to be included in your Narrative Mini-Film. 

  • Subtitling/Captioning

Plus all the features in the Montage Video Package

Filming session is up to 4hrs 

Add Ons:

Need an additional Cinematographer or Photographer for your event? Once we've completed / or before we start - our Video Guestbook film session, we can switch into filming or photography mode and capture more of your event's highlights with cinematic 4K media.

Cinematographer: $450 per hour
Photographer: $400 per hour


Telling a more compelling story
that reveals, celebrates & immortalizes
your friendships & connections. 

Narrative Package
Montage & Narrative package

About Us

We craft exquisite films that encapsulate your special occasion, preserving memories of your loved ones and close-knit community. We stand out as not just camera operators, but experienced directors and cinematographers bringing high-end interviewing skills to your event.

Our Magic Sauce
Sam Khedr, founder of Video Guestbook, along with his team interacts, engages, and has fun with participants, bringing out their best to reveal, celebrate, and immortalize your friendships and connections. 

Armed with a versatile list of questions and prompts, we ensure that everyone, including the shyest of guests, get a chance to share their stories, memories, and heartfelt messages.

From a young age, my passion for capturing fleeting moments among friends and family evolved into a love for storytelling through film and photography, immortalizing special events.


My focus lies in crafting beautiful narratives. Each video, enriched by unique editing style, music choice, and energy, is truly one-of-a-kind, just like you.


VideoGuestbook founder Sam Khedr
Sam K Signiture_White.png

We'd love to hear your story & event day plans.
We are available & we'd love to connect.

About Us
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Working from Home

Contact Us

Thanks for getting in touch! Whether we meet up for coffee, chat on the phone, via email, or arrange a Zoom conference, we'd love to hear from you! We service the San Francisco Bay Area, and are willing to travel further if needed. 

We’d love to hear your story and event day plans as well as answer any and all questions you have about our services. This is the best way to ensure we are a good fit for one another.

Please take a moment to fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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